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Frequently Asked Questions:

"What is 1ShoppingCart.com?"
Answer: 1ShoppingCart.com is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that's the first choice for shopping cart software technology by some of the savviest and most successful eMarketers on the Net.

It allows you to take online credit card orders in "real time", WITHOUT requiring additional "plug-ins" or software downloaded on your PC's hard drive.

"Who needs WebContactPro?"
Answer: Anyone who sells products or services online (a.k.a. "eMarketer").

"What online credit card processors is WebContactPro compatible with?"
Answer: WebContactPro is compatible with all of these major online credit card processors:

DPI Merchant Services
ECX QuickCommerce 3.0
Epoch Systems
ePoint Processing
eProcessing Network
iBill Processing
IntelliPay ExpertLink
iTransact RediCharge

LinkPoint Secure
MCPS WebLink
PayCom Processing
PayReady Link
Planet Payment
RTWare WebLink
VeriSign PayFlow Pro
ViaKlix (Nova)

"Can 1ShoppingCart.com get me credit card processing capabilities?"
Answer: Yes! If you currently do not have a merchant account, 1ShoppingCart.com can provide one for you instantly through our special partnership with a leading provider. 1ShoppingCart.com Corp offers credit card processing capabilities with some of the lowest merchant fees on the Internet! Click here for complete details.

"Are my customers' WebContactPro credit card transactions always secure?"
Answer: We provide the secure server supporting SSL encryption, to collect customer information and credit card numbers. When an order is placed on your site, our system notifies you of it via email. You can then visit our Account Management area to retrieve all the customer purchase information. When you use our Real Time Credit Gateway, your customers' credit card transactions are instantly deposited in the bank account of your choice. It's completely automatic and hands-free!

"How much database information can my WebContactPro system handle?"
Answer: The system will support unlimited number of products. The basic monthly fee includes your own database with up to 10,000 records . Additional client licenses of up to four million records can be purchased anytime.

"Can someone install the WebContactPro system for me?"
Answer: Absolutely! Our technical support team does it all the time for the nominal fee of just $60/hour. A complete online set-up and training (in most cases) takes less than 30 minutes!

"What if I am not happy with my WebContactPro system?"
Answer: Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed without risk, without obligation, without further commitments, and without any expectations on our part. Simply email us within 4 weeks after purchase and we will promptly refund your money with NO questions asked. Period!

"Can I insert HTML code into my WebContactPro order page?"
Answer: Of course! Your WebContactPro system allows you to put HTML code at the top and bottom of every order page you create. For an actual example click here.

So what are you waiting for?
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